20 Stunning Infographics to Show How Climate Change Affects Ecosystems

According to one infographic in this list, many people believe that climate change is happening and that it is irreversible. The difference in opinion is in how climate change is occurring. On the other hand, another information graphic shows that fewer people are believing the climate change scenario despite evidence of glacier melt and an increase in dramatic weather patterns such as more rain and drought. A degree in environmental science may not affect what you believe, but evidence-based science is difficult to refute, especially when faced with over 20 graphic images that show how climate change is affecting ecosystems.

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33 Environmental Scientists Worth Following on Twitter

If seeking a degree in environmental sciences, there can be many questions such as where can I get college rankings? However, if you need answers to more specific environmental science questions, it can be hard to flag down a leader and ask him or her a question. If you have an internet connection and a Twitter account, it can be far easier.

To help get answers to both questions asked and yet to be asked, we have gathered 33 environmental scientists worth following on Twitter below. Organized mostly by number of current followers, they can help you do everything from getting an expert opinion on the latest news to innovative ways to go green.

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Top 50 Environmental Science Blogs

One of the up and coming career fields is environmental science. There is a keen interest in finding solutions to a number of problems in our environment. From sustainable living and engineering, to energy use and policy, there are a number of ways that environmental science can offer insights into how we can be more responsible in the way we use our resources. You can find a positive future with an environmental science career. If you are interested in learning more about environmental science, and the possibilities available, you can read the following 50 environmental science blogs:

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19 Essential Web Applications for Environmental Science Professionals

If your passion is environmental science, youre no doubt looking for ways to be greener in your everyday life. Luckily, going green and staying green is easier than ever with the large number of web applications dedicated to helping us protect the environment. Check out these 19 web apps that environmental scientists will love.

For Your Android

  1. Ecorio: This great app allows you to track your carbon footprint and learn ways to reduce and offset it.
  2. News Environment: Search for news related to the environment with this application for your Android. This app is GPS enabled. This app is GPS enabled. Keep up with all the latest environmental news wherever you go.
  3. Quick News for Environment: Similar to the application above, but designed especially to provide local environmental news.
  4. Health News: This app offers news information about many health topics, including environmental health issues. This is a great app for those concerned particularly about health issues with environmental causes.
  5. Eco Footprint: Calculate your own carbon footprint and learn about ways to reduce it. Information is provided by the Wildlife Fund.
  6. No Dry Clean: Use this application to find cleaners who use alternative methods for clothes cleaning to help you avoid toxic dry cleaning processes.
  7. Easy Green Tips: Get tips every day on going green with this application. Youll learn easy ways to reduce waste and save energy.
  8. Carbon Meter: This application tracks and logs your environmentally friendly activities, like walking somewhere instead of using your car. You can feel better every day about your green activities, and look for ways to increase them.
  9. Guide to Organic Gardening: This app helps you learn all about organic gardening so that you can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers without putting harmful chemicals into the ground. This app is great for beginning gardeners.

For Your iPhone

  1. Good Guide: Helps you find healthy, sustainable and safe products when you shop. You can locate stores and products quickly and easily by zip code.
  2. iRecycle: The most comprehensive reference of recycling information on the web.
  3. Greenspot: Get news and information about sustainability and green living.
  4. The Green Meter: This cool app computes your vehicles power and fuel usage and evaluates your driving to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cost, and lower your environmental impact.
  5. Greencard: Get rid of those paper business cards. Green card lets you create and send a digital business card.
  6. Go Organic!: This iPhone app helps you locate the organic food closest to you. Includes restaurants and grocery stores.
  7. Gorgeously Green Survival Guide: Get the scoop on environmentally friendly cosmetics and learn how to green up your home from Sophie, who has been all over television teaching women how to live greener. . Do you know, for example, if your shampoo was tested on animals?
  8. Meter Read: Track your homes energy consumption and learn how you can reduce it.This app offers you a great way to save money at home, too.
  9. Green Outlet: Monitor your homes energy use and rid yourself of those parasitic devices and other drains on energy with this app. This one really helps you save money, too.
  10. Green Map: This app helps you connect with others going green. Find the nearest farmers market, and other sites designed to help your community live a little greener.

You can certainly use these and other web apps like them to help you locate green resources, conserve energy, recycle and connect with other people and programs in your area that are dedicated to reducing our impact on the planet in both large and small ways. Sometimes, it’s not the big things we do that have a real impact, but rather the smaller things that add up. By using these web applications, you can make your life a little greener every day, which, over time, can make a big impact. When your career is environmental science, you certainly want to be able to feel good about what you’re doing everyday at your own home.