Top 50 Environmental Science Blogs

One of the up and coming career fields is environmental science. There is a keen interest in finding solutions to a number of problems in our environment. From sustainable living and engineering, to energy use and policy, there are a number of ways that environmental science can offer insights into how we can be more responsible in the way we use our resources. You can find a positive future with an environmental science career. If you are interested in learning more about environmental science, and the possibilities available, you can read the following 50 environmental science blogs:

Environmental Science News

Find out about the latest happenings in the world of environmental science. Find out about studies, breakthroughs and the latest headlines in environmental policy.

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  1. Live Science: This blog offers a number of news stories including a section on environmental science news.
  2. Dot Earth: The New York Times covers environmental science issues and headlines. An interesting resource.
  3. Grist: Offers plenty of news on the environment, including environmental science.
  4. Environment on ScienceBlogs: Plenty of environmental science news, information and breakthroughs from ScienceBlogs.
  5. Cool Green Science: The Nature Conservancy offers this awesome environmental science blog full of interesting studies, news and more.
  6. VCE Environmental Science: A blog offering commentary, news and information on studies related to environmental science.
  7. TreeHugger: No environmental blog list is complete without Treehugger, the leader in enviro news and environmental science news.


Learn more about the ecosystem. These types of blogs are the ultimate in environmental science.

  1. Ecology Today: A look at the science of the environment around us, and the way we affect it.
  2. Cheesemans Ecology Safaris: Travel to different areas of the world, and learn about the ecology in those areas. Includes information on environmental science.
  3. Deep-Sea News: The largest environment is the sea. Learn the science of the ocean, and how humans affect it.
  4. Laelaps: Awesome science blog about ecology, evolution and the environment.
  5. Urban Ecology: Great information about environmental science and the ecology of your neighborhood.
  6. The Ecology Center: Keep up with the happenings at this science center focused on ecology and the environment.
  7. Climate Progress: A look at climate change and environmental science.
  8. Reconciliation Ecology: Find out about the environment, science and more.
  9. PlanetThoughts: Ecology, environmental science and other issues.
  10. Ecology Alert: An interesting look at the science of ecological disasters, and predictions of what could be next.

Energy and Technology

A lot of environmental science has to do with energy development and technological advances. Learn more about what is available in terms of environmentally friendly technology and energy.

  1. Cleantech Blog: The science behind better technology that is environmentally friendly.
  2. CleanTechnica: Information, news and more related to clean energy and the technology behind it.
  3. EcoGeek: Looks at eco-friendly gadgets. Emphasis on green tech and energy.
  4. Autoblog Green: Learn more about the environmental science that goes into eco-friendly cars.
  5. Green Car Congress: Another blog that focuses on green cars the science behind them.
  6. Green Technology: Addresses issues related to green tech and the science of green tech.
  7. Alternative Energy News: Get the scoop on alternative energy and the environmental science behind it.
  8. GoodCleanTech: Scientific advancements to create cleaner technology.
  9. Worldchanging: Bright Green: A great look at what is happening in the world of green technology.
  10. DeSmogBlog: Looks at the science of climate change and energy, and the spin that sometimes accompanies it.
  11. Got2BeGreen: Use environmental science and technology to green your life.

Environmental Engineering

If you are interested in designing living and working spaces, and creating projects that can help reduce human impact on the environment, these blogs are for you. Learn more about the science of environmental engineering.

  1. Environmental Engineering Blog: Just what it sounds like a blog about environmental engineering.
  2. Jetson Green: A well-known and respected blog about environmental engineering.
  3. Green Architecture and Building Report: Civil engineers will appreciate this blog which offers insight on using environmental science for greener building design.
  4. GreenerBuildings: Great blog about the environmental aspects of civil engineering.
  5. Real Life LEED: Civil engineers can appreciate this environmental engineering blog.
  6. MIT CEE Student Blogs: Get some insight into civil and environmental engineering from MIT students.
  7. Smart Grid: The latest environmental engineering news. Great for those interested in environmental science.

Sustainable Living

One of the best ways to apply the principles of environmental science is to live them. Many of these blogs take scientific information related to the environment and then use it to make more sustainable choices.

  1. Clean and Green Everyday: Principles of environmental science used to help you live a greener life.
  2. Inhabitat: The science of green building and sustainable living.
  3. The Green Workplace: Takes environmental science concepts and applies them to the workplace.
  4. Green Options: A look at your different options. Helpful information about sustainable living based on environmental science.
  5. EcoStreet: More about environmental science, news and sustainable living.
  6. Alternative Consumer: Use the principles of environmental science to make greener choices as a consumer.
  7. EcoMoto: Trends in environmental science, consumerism and more.
  8. Celsias: Practical sustainability, with guidance from what we know of environmental science.

Environmental Policy and Law

Often, the findings of environmental scientists are used to inform public policy. Additionally, environmental science can have bearing on the law. If you are interested in how environmental science translates into public policy and law, these blogs can help you out.

  1. Environmental Law Prof Blog: Learn more about environmental law, and the science that can influence policy decisions.
  2. Legal Planet: Environmental law and policy from UC Berkeley and UCLA. Driven by the science behind climate change.
  3. Red, Green, and Blue: Environmental politics, including the politics of environmental science.
  4. Environmental and Urban Economics: Environmental science, and what we learn from it, can have an impact on economics and policy.
  5. Greenbang: Using environmental science to help us find policy solutions. An interesting look at policy, law and the environment.
  6. Environmental Science Institute: Policy making organization that focuses on using environmental science to help make more sustainable decisions.
  7. Energy & Environmental Law Blog: The science behind energy and the environment, and the legal logistics to go with it.
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