Masters In Environmental Science Salary

Bearing in mind that environmental scientists are involved in coming up with solutions to environmental programs that they come across, then it is important to note that there are also some who are involved in formulating laws which deal with the environment of an area at any given time. Statistics show that in May 2008, environmental scientists took up a whole sixty five thousand, two hundred and eighty dollars in form of payments. There were about eighty five thousand, nine hundred jobs which had been held by environmental scientists in that same year as well.

While the majority of these worked for the government of the United States of America, there were some others who worked for engineering and science companies and other companies as well and there are those who also had their own businesses. It is important at this point to note that a masters holder in environmental science happens to be quite marketable, considering that the whole worlds attention is as of now focused on environmental conservation, something that has been occasioned by the ongoing high levels of global warming which is a result of environmental degradation.

As for those who are hired by companies, most of them end up getting deals which award them close to eighty thousand dollars a month, considering that they are the people who are involved in advising the company whenever it plans to undertake exercises which they deem will have environmental impacts. For instance, those working for major oil companies of the world are among the highest earning environmental scientists, with an average income of around one hundred thousand dollars a month.

There are some holders of master’s degree in environmental sciences who have decided that being employed is not their preferred mode of operation, and they therefore opt to form their own companies whose services are outsourced by major companies or even the government at times when it comes to issues involved with environmental conservation. These are the types of environmentalists who will get quite a tidy sum when it comes to the total earnings, considering that they could be in a position to offer their services to more than one client over the same period, thus maximizing their returns.

Top Online Master of Environmental Science & Sustainability Degrees

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field of study of the environment and solution to environmental problems and sustainability. Individuals with master's degrees in this field work on problems such as global climate change, pollution control, natural resource management, and more. Each of the following schools confers degrees in enviromental science or similar subjects.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is one of the nation's largest providers of online education and offers an accredited online programs for a MS in Environmental Policy. The field maintains a high level of demand for skilled and talented professionals and a masters degree can in help students advance their careers in two years.

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American Intercontinental University

The MBA and MS programs in Sustainable Futures at American Intercontinental University feature a curriculum that involves foundation and core courses, specialized courses, and the possibility for a capstone course. Courses teach the skills required to manage large-scale change to add value and sustainability to humanity.

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Liberty University Online

The MBA in environmental & social sustainability at Liberty University Online features a curriculum that focuses on the foundations of sustainable business, including the principle of the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet, profit. The Environmental and Social Sustainability degree concentration includes two certificates.

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The MBA in Environmental Management offered at Post University will teach you the necessary skills needed for management level positions. You will learn valuable skills that you can take into the business world to assist a wide range of companies become more profitable. You will become well versed in all the challenges facing energy needs and the environmental impact that companies have.

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Strayer University

The MS in Environmental Policy and Management at Strayer University provides students with advanced curriculum in one of the hottest topics the world faces today. Students will have the opportunity to gain real world experience with ecosystem management. Students will study global environmental change and how organizations can better prepare future generations living on the earth to live in harmony with the ecosystem.

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