3 Free eBooks Every Tree Hugger Ought to Read

An environmentalist is a person or someone who supports the goal of the environmental movement. An environmentalist gets engaged into or believes into the philosophy of environmentalism. The most politically active environmentalist is that person who calls themselves green and has strong views on environment.   The Green Parties is normally applied to that person who works as volunteers, activist or paid staff. Below is mentioned some interesting books for tree huggers.

  1. A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf: This book is by John Muir the author who explored his thousand mile walk to the Gulf of Mexico half a century ago. This book show cases the temper and the comprehensiveness of Mr. Muirs mind. This book proves him to be a parochial student of nature. He started on that journey even at the tender age of twenty nine that thus made him a citizen of the universe. And this is not the only journey by Mr. Muir in his earlier years. He roamed around the Great Lakes, in Ontario, and through parts of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois. Over all these expeditions he trained himself to work harder for his notebook discloser of things. The fact that he often went hungry and slept in the woods, or on the open prairies, with no cover except the clothes he wore.
  2. Colonization and Environment: Land Settlement Projects in Central America: This book came into existence after the study carried out under the United Nations University Project on Resource Use of Frontiers and Pioneer Settlements. The main objective of this project was to determine the ecological impact of pioneer settlement. The project included an appraisal of the economic, political, and cultural factors bearing on frontier settlement, and an examination of the different interdependent variables involved from biophysical parameters to government action and policies.
  3. Global Warming: A Mind Mapper’s Guide to the Science and Solutions: This particular book on Global Warming tries to showcase the practical solution to the problem of global warming. In this easy to read book there total 10 chapters that are divided into four sections with importance to the topics as discussed into the book.   The first section of the book tells us why we need to change in as it tries to explore human nature in the upfront of environmental problems of the modern world.  The next section of the book looks at what there is needed to be changed in order to reduce impact of ecological change with successfully tackling climate change.  The next section is being discussed about behavioral change strategies that can be taken in order to improve overall scenario for environment protection. And in the final section it has been revealed out and has been discussed who is making overall changes to these global environmental changes.